Posted by: sHeli-Port™ Insights | August 13, 2012

Thinking About Building a Shed for your Helicopter?

Compare the cost of building versus the advantages of the sHeli-Port before choosing a helicopter storage solution

If you’re thinking that building a permanent structure to store your helicopter is your best option, please take a few moments to read this before breaking ground.

Earlier this year, at the Heli-Expo in Dallas, TX, I spoke to several helicopter owners who had recently constructed a shed to store their craft. Each of them, after learning about the sHeli-Port, lamented that they wished they had known about it before they built. So, if you want to improve your helicopter storage situation and haven’t yet broken ground on a storage shed, here are some points to consider:

Sheds and Hangars sHeli-Port
Require expensive ground handling equipment to park the helicopter…land, maneuver tug, hook up, pull and close Self-contained storage; no hassle with or paying for ground handling equipment…land and close
Permanently located Move to another location when desired
Unflattering or obstructive to surrounding environment Colored to camouflage or even wrapped to match the surrounding landscape
Multi-purpose. Lawn mowers, ladders, motorcycles boats, kid’s bikes and other hangar rash infections come in contact with or damage the helicopter. Exclusively for your helicopter – it’s like a violin case for your ship
For the accountants, 40 years to depreciate the investment Qualifies as a section 179 expense, allowing full cost expensing in the first year of service

The sHeli-Port provides significant advantages over building a storage shed — why not Google “hangar construction costs” before you decide? If you’ve already built a storage shed, all is not lost. Use the shed for your less breakable “treasures,”  sell the ground handling stuff, and keep your helicopter safe and secure in a sHeli-Port.  Visit for additional information.


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