sHeli-Port founder and president Ben Hanafin is an entrepreneur, business owner and successful businessman.

Ben was president of PyMaH Corporation, an international manufacturer of diagnostic medical devices that literally started in a basement. As president of PyMaH, he developed a distinctive planning process that propelled the corporation to a $40 million international business with facilities in New Jersey, California, and Europe.  As a direct result of Ben’s distinctive planning process and leadership, 3M Health Sciences Division acquired PyMaH Corp in the third largest acquisition 3M had made as of that date.

Ben went on to found Carova Management, where he’s developed a successful consulting business sharing his interim executive leadership and strategic planning skills.

A helicopter owner and pilot, Ben recently put his entrepreneurial skills and know-how to work in aviation. While learning to fly, he noticed a significant need in the helicopter industry – a safe, portable and affordable storage solution for light helicopters that protected the aircraft from damage, weather and tampering. He founded sHeli-Port, designing and manufacturing the solution, a self-contained, portable, fiberglass helicopter storage shell and launched the product in March 2011.

Ben currently serves on the board of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Metuchen, and the St. Peters Hospital Foundation, as well as several privately owned companies. He is a 1976 graduate of Georgia Tech’s Milton H. Stewart Industrial and Systems Engineering School with an MBA from Lehigh University.

Ben currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Laurie and four daughters.

Contact Ben via email at info@sheli-port.com.

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