Posted by: sHeli-Port™ Insights | April 17, 2012

An Unlikely Pairing: What do Violins and Helicopters Have in Common?

When you think about it, helicopters and violins have a lot in common. Both are finely tuned instruments that must be kept in perfect shape in order to perform at their best. The musician warms up by practicing scales; the pilot goes through a strict preflight routine. The musician meticulously adjusts the strings; the pilot adjusts the altimeter and checks the gauges.

When the violin is not in use, it is safely nestled inside a protective case for storage; when a helicopter is not used it is unceremoniously dragged into a hangar and left exposed to strangers, neighboring fixed wing aircraft, lawn mowers, and hangar rash… Okay, so storage is where the violin is better protected than the helicopter.

Helicopter storage is notoriously poor and often lacks full protection for the entire helicopter. So why not make a change to the way your helicopter is stored? Protect your helicopter just like a violin is protected inside its case.

The sHeli-Port is a “violin case” for a helicopter. Two, hydraulic-powered, fiberglass shells enclose the entire helicopter against outside hazards. It can be used anywhere you choose to store your helicopter – in your backyard, at the airport, on a deck or a yacht; you can even change your mind and move it to a new location.

Protect your helicopter the way you would protect a fine violin. Visit to learn more or email us at for more details.

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