Posted by: sHeli-Port™ Insights | February 22, 2012

What’s Stored in Your Hangar?

In doing extensive research during the development phase of the sHeli-Port™, I discovered, not surprisingly, that unless you’re Donald Trump, the majority of helicopter owners store their aircraft in rented airport hangars. More often than not hangar waiting lists are several years long, and it is not uncommon to share hangar space with another aircraft owner. Even those fortunate enough to secure a private hangar space will attempt to get their money’s worth by storing items other than the helicopter.

Take, for instance, my airport. I live in New Jersey and I’ve discovered some fascinating trends here in regards to what shares the hangar space with a helicopter.

Helicopter stored in a hangarUniversally, there is the motorcycle in some stage of repair or expectation of better weather. You’d be hard pressed to walk a line of hangars and not see a collection of classic vehicles, even if they are simply “classic” in terms of when they last ran. The inevitable boat is never more than a hangar away. And then there is the collection of fixed wing aircraft, either working or in some state of disassembly. And let’s not forget those RVs and campers.

No helicopter hangar is complete without its golf cart tow vehicle or ancient ride-on lawn mower we use to tow the helicopter in and out. Pushing a helicopter on its tow wheels is evidently so last decade.

Before I got into helicopters, I treated myself to a shiny new Dodge Viper. The garage was its Taj Mahal. Not the kids’ bikes, rakes, lawn tractor, or any other nefarious garage lingering item was allowed anywhere near my baby.

So why isn’t this attitude more prevalent in hangars where the aircraft are several times more expensive and fragile? While a scratch on my Viper would have been life threatening only to the person who did it (once I got my hands on them), a dent in a rotor blade or tail boom of a helicopter could be truly deadly. Yet people pack their hangars with all sorts of things that could do some serious damage.

The sHeli-Port helicopter storage case is my answer for helicopter owners who recognize the potential hazards of sharing hangar space with anything. Nothing is in the sHeli-Port but your helicopter and the built-in dolly pad eliminates the need for a tow cart of any sort. A helicopter owner saves money by getting a sHeli-Port for the helicopter and renting a far less expensive storage garage for non-aviation treasures.

At the Heli-Expo 2012 in Dallas, Texas last week, I spoke with several visitors who, after learning about the sHeli-Port, lamented that they had just finished building new hangars. Let’s see, maybe they should put their tractors and boats in the hangar and follow our “Got a Heli? Get a sHeli” philosophy.

What’s in your hangar? Or, what have you seen in other hangars that just made you shake your head in awe? We’re posting photos of some of the craziest hangars right here on this site. Send your messy hangar photo to and we may include it here on sHeli-Port Insights. We promise not to name you if you’d like to stay anonymous.  In the meantime, take a look at to see some of the hangar storage hazards we’ve identified.

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